Monday, February 13, 2012

Still waiting

So the last personal bit of information I shared with you was about my miscarriage in December and all that I went through, definitely have moved on from that and back to feeling great. So hubby and I have been trying since last month...nothing yet. My birthday came and went on the 23 of January so a week later was testing time and nothing happened, wow what a shocker considering that with the first two pregnancies when we said lets have a baby I was magically pregnant the next day, not really but that's just how fast my body works, so when I wasn't this time I think we were kind of sad (I was mostly shocked) for about a day and then we were back to normal. I think my husband was more sad, I could see it in his face.
Fast forward to now, I am feeling some anxiety now because what if it doesn't happen again this time? I try to keep my mind off it and just let nature do what it do but that's hard, I know it's harder to get pregnant the older you get but goodness I ain't even 35 yet...and by the way my plan is to not have anymore babies after that age, don't judge me. I'm sure it's normal for me to feel this way  considering my past hoping there is nothing wrong with me after hearing how "easy" it is to get pregnant after a miscarriage.
Hubby and I have also decided that if it doesn't happen this month we are putting it off until the summer cause we don't want another December baby, two December birthdays is more enough. Right now I am just going with the flow, do I get excited of what may be but trying not to get too excited about what may not.
Anywho...I will get back with you when I have more news to share, until then check out Saturdays hair. I just had to throw some hair in there.

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