Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So I have had my new EVO for about now and thought I would give blogging a try, so here it goes.
Here it goes...todays hair, still twisted even though I thought last week was the end but then the forecast said rain so I did what I do best...twisted it up. I think it turned out cute it surely wasn't anything special but it was different. The twists coming from the sides are tied togethersnd then pinned down.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Heeey Again

Whew, I have had a long two weeks, first with Spring Break and not to mention remodeling my bathroom which is still in progress, and just getting back to work this week it has been hectic.  First off let me say my Spring break rocked, went out of town to small Tyler, Texas where my mom and dad have time share, the resort was great, my two girls and nieces tagged along . They had an indoor waterpark and all sorts of things to do around the resort, we had a blast.  I traveled home safely alone with four little girls for six hours and let me tell you it was something else.  The first hour my Baby Girl threw up all over herself so we had to stop  and change her clothes, that's when the headache started, then one hour from home she threw up again so we had to stop and change her clothes again, after that she went to sleep.  My girls are like me, not good back seat drivers---motion sickness sucks.

Top: girls being silly 
Bottom: walking the lake with Paw Paw

While I was gone my bathroom started getting its remodel, oooh I wish I had a picture of what it looked like before, hubby forgot to take a picture. It has been a long time coming for this project and it finally got done and I love it.  I am not ashamed of my bathroom anymore, lol.  The next step is to paint and redo the vanity and I will be totally finished.
Sneak Peak
I love the big tiles, 13x13 make the shower feel bigger

Gotta have my big hand held showerhead, makes
hair washing easy.  I made sure to put that back up.

The floor

He even put a decorative tile design in front of
the tub, no rug there.

This week has even been busy at work, I havle not had the energy to do anything but eat and sleep, literally.  For some reason it has been so difficult to wake up in the mornings I know I hit the snooze button about 5 times.  So glad I don't work on the weekends cause I would not make it to work on tomorrow.  Seriously, I have not worked on the weekends in 13 years, if I had to now I would probably have a panic attack.  Tomorrow it is supposed to rain and storm, I hope so so that I can lay and lounge all day :)
Oh, and on top of that my precious Princess (the dog) had a seizure on yesterday after work so I had to rush her to the vet, good news today though all bloodwork came back positive which is great, so now we are just to watch and keep an eye on her.
What about it, nothing new, it was washed and DC'd on last Saturday and twisted back up.  I'm starting to get that feeling, you know the one where when the weather changes to warm and you feel the need to let your hair down so the sunshine can hit it. I did take my twists down  and wore a twist out on today but no telling what will happen on tomorrow with it.  I'm thinking that next week I will wear my hair out just to get rid of the urge.  One thing I did do was by a new conditioner cause I was out, Elast QP SoyOyl Ultrahydration conditioner, I liked it for the after affect but it was not great on slip.  I will still use it though cause I think it worked nicely but still keep the Carols Daughter Hair Milk cause my fingers run straight through for detangling.
Well that's enough for me tonight, have a great weekend.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

long time no see...

Wheew, it has been a while and I have been so busy, can't believe I am up early right now.  I have had such a busy week or two...maybe three. My hair challenge is still going strong, unfortunately my twists had to come down for the weekend cause I had a party to go to not to mention I really was missing my twist out.  But it was all for a good cause, Anniversary/birthday party for my sister and her hubby.  I had a blast!!!
First off hair from Friday, hair is growing along great. I started this on Friday, everyone was amazed at work cause they hadn't seen my hair out in several months.  Heck, I was amazed myself., lol.
I didn't wash just took the smaller twists out and used some shea butter and Taaliah Wajhid Loc It Up gel for hold, very nice but it could have been a little softer, but it was still great.

Luuuv it so I went into the bathroom
at work and took a pic!

Here I am getting my party on with 
my hubby!!!

My hair is pinned up cause it got hot so you can't see the side length.  
As cute as I thought I was, the big hair must go back to the twist and into hiding.  I am on Spring Break finally ( that means 60something days until summer) and bout to be off to a big indoor waterpark in Texas with the family, I am debating if I want to really twist it up or just wash and wear for a few days, I haven't decided if I want to really swim or just sit and enjoy the girls but I am sure it will get wet some kind of way so we will play it by ear.
That's it for now, gotta get to packing, have a great Sunday.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Naturally Cute

So a whole week has gone by since I did Big Girls lace style and surprisingly it held up well with sleeping in a satin cap and flexirods every night.  So now it is time for a new style for her, for three days I have been looking and thinking of what to do next that would last for another week, I do not like combing hair much cause between the three of us we got enough kinky hair to add to two more heads.  My hair had to be washed plus Baby Girl needed a style.
Here is the next style:

I did  not wash because there was no need, neither did I add any more heat.
I thought this would be a nice style for her and continue with the "loose hair" (this will be the last week for that).  Normaly she wears her hair  in a protective style for three weeks but we had a bit of a shedding issue so we let that go for a while and she likes picking out new styles.
I am so excited about her growth, when she turned 4 her hair started breaking off and got really short and a little thin, I did not know what else to do but start giving her protective styles and so I did exactly that.  The results have been awesome.
 this was 2.5 years ago, hair was flat ironed
for family pictures. Before this it 
was alittle shorter.

I believe in protective styles, she is in them 90% of the time, that is more than me. I definitely contribute that to the growth and health of her hair, I watch the products I use in my daughters hair, if I wouldn't use it in mine then I don't use it in theirs. 
Here are a few protective style pics:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One Month In

I am one month in to my 6 mmonth hair challenge that I am attempting with Health Hair and Body, I am so proud of myself.  I think it has been easy since my hair is now long enough to twist and pin up or clip into a ponytail.  I am also enjoying not having to figure out what to do with it on a daily basis, since the weaher is now crazy and rain is in the forecast at least twice a week this is working great.
I have not changed the routine and when I wash I stick to the same products, no buying "just to see", but that is a whole other challenge.
I might have mentioned this before but oh well, I have been shampooing every two weeks and retwisting every week to keep it fresh.
Here is the style for this month, yes I said month cause again it keeps me from thinking to hard about the next style.

Sorry about the towel in pic :(

Have a Happy Hair Day!!
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