Sunday, September 25, 2011

First salon visit in three years

Sooo, after 3 years I decided I wanted to go to the salon, a natural one, and get my hair did up.
Yeah I was very nervous, you know after doing your own hair for so long it makes you a little hesitant to let someone else get in your head especially with it being the first time meeting.
I went in for a rod set, and while the style came out nice the experience is unforgetable.
The shop I went to is actually owned by a coworkers cousin whom I know fairly good, she has had her shop for several years and does great hair, but she is not the one who did my hair, and on top of that my sis in law goes there too, this was not a shop that I picked out eenie meenie minie mo....
First she shampooed my hair twice which I never do, that's when I started getting nervous.  Next she conditioned with this very light conditioner that only smelled good, as quick as she put it in she rinsed it out...another uh oh.
Last she applied a light leave in conditioner, mind you those type of condtioners are like water only to my hair, no help at all. She took me to her chair and started to prep my hair for styling.  
Ladies hold it together now...this is the part where I should have got out the chair and ran for the door.
We'll call the stylist "D"
"D" began detangling my hair with a comb, it took all I had not to scream.  She started with the back which is pretty easy to detangle but when she started making her way up I literally heard my hair popping and she was just a combing.  All through my mind were thoughts of what I wanted to tell her and do, just snatch the comb out of her hand  and throw it.  I kept my cool but softly and politely asked her to add more leave in then I told her that I never use a comb on my hair and only detangle with lots of conditioner, then she told me that my hair was detangling think, probably because she was snapping the tangles off.
Really I know I should have left at that point, but I did not want to look like a crazy in front of the other customers and the owner.  
You live you learn...
"D" finally got the rods put in using some mousse only then under the dryer I went and that brought me back to why I don't like hair salons, I swear I was under the dryer for eternity that I was ready to holler out.  I think the owner could see it in my face cause she kept asking if I was alright surely knowing I wasn't.
I finally got from under the dryer and rollers were taken out.  I really did love the style and was excited to not have to do my hair for the week, my hair was soft and bouncy and shiny.

taken at bed time, not my 
cute face

Sadly this style only lasted for three days, by Tuesday night I had to brush it out and go back to my twist out since the weather got to it, three and half hours and $?? later my style was  a hot mess.

hair by Tuesday-frizzed out
So yes was upset that my hair was a total loss, not even salvagable but oh well.  
Would I go back, I don't know, If so definitely not to her.  My sis in law showed the owner my hair and she got in touch with me and wanted me to come back in.  I really need to think about it.
I feel like this appointment could have gone better if "D" would have talked to me about my hair, since I am the one who knows more about it cause I work with it everyday even though she may have a license  and think she knows how to do hair doesn't make her a knowitall for all hair types...sorry.
Anyways, we'll see, cause I do need a  hair break and twists are not an option, maybe some braided up style.
We'll see...

Jewelry overload

Hey ya'll, once again I am still here...
I feel like we need more hours in the day for real.  I have been so busy making jewelry and getting orders out that I have not had time for much else.  I did a jewelry show with my sister in law a few weeks ago that turned out pretty good, since that day I have been busy: earrings, bracelets, headbands oh my!!
With all the orders going on it left me little time for  family and other ,even late nights, while I don't mind the night time cause I am always up anyways, I do mind the working to get orders ready, I would rather be watching t.v. I love making jewelry and other crafts but only for fun and on my own time, it is definitely relaxing and I would never give up some peace. Now it's just like a second job...
I decided to just keep my Etsy going and what ever extra thingies I make it will be posted there, and for my customers who just have to have something special made, they know how to reach me.
With all that said...Friday I went to a new store in the mall called Love Culture and fell in love with it, the prices were just right clothes wise, the only bad thing is that they do not carry tall in pants and my long legs can't fit any other length.  Anyways my little sis and I love jewelry so when we saw that big section we had a fit. I saw this one cute necklace that was just adorable then I realized "hey I got all those same items at home to make this necklace", sooo I took a picture of it and when I got home I made it. Turned out great and can't wait to wear it.
How cute is it?!
                                                           Theirs:$10                          Mine: Free

Then we went to Charming Charlie, man how I love that store, I hear the angels sing every time I walk in there, lol!
There was a cute purple feather headband there that I had to try on, then I got to thinking again of how I could make that cause I have a thousand and one feathers, so yesterday morning I made me a feather band and can't wait to wear it.
                                                    Theirs: $10                          Mine: $3

I love it...Crafting is great, I will be making some more of the headbands this week.
Ladies, holler if you want a band.....

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Big Girls protective style for the week

I hope this style lasts for at least 2 weeks. It was most definitely time for the mohawk to come down and be on to another style. So we shampooed and I came up with this, nothing fancy I have seen several girls with this style, the only thing different is that I did the ends in ghana plaits with the weaving thread. The extra hair I wrapped into a ball and added a hairbow. I love it and so does Big Girl.
Next "project" is Baby Girls hair (yes her hair is a project)
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Triple A and Fashion Fun Friday

Hey ladies, just a few pictures of some jewelry I had left over from my Fashion Fun Friday show my my sister in law and I put on the other night.  We had a blast selling our hand made items!
As I  mentioned before I have an Etsy shop and I am enjoying making things for it.  Feel free to stop by and shop when you get a chance.
 Here are a few pics of items that I have left over,  I thought I would share them with you. I hope to have them posted in the shop tonight.

 Necklace with detachable flower for hair or shirt

 Owl charm necklace

 Hair pins with headband of choice

 Flower necklace

Button Earrings
 Hair clips


 Flower rings

Beaded necklace with heart pendant 
and matching earrings
 Charm bracelet
Fabric earrings

Ghana plaits on Baby Girl

Long time no see...shame on me.
So much has been going on: hair, jewelry, home, etc...
Last weekend I did Ghana plaits on my Baby Girls hair cause I was just tired of dealing with her hair every morning, plus the day I washed I just knew I was not going to have time to blow dry then flat iron so she ended up with this style which turned out so cute.
 Flat twists in the front section with the loose ends
wrapped in weaving thread.

Three ghana plaits in the back.

This was so simple to do but definitely time consuming, but I would do it again.  To see how to do it and other videos go here or search Youtube.
Here are a few more pics of the process.

The back part of her hair went into 
three ponytails then wrapped
with weaving thread

Wrap all the way to the ends.

Last I put the three small pontytails into 
one big one and wrap with the thread.
last wrap into a knot and finished.
One week down, one more to go!

Can't wait to try another style, already got one in mind.

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