Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Honey Child

1Alrighty, I have been using My Honey Child since Friday, I have used them in two different ways.  But first here is what I bought
 Honey Hair Creme (left) $5
Sophia's Coconut Hair Jel (right) $5.50
I purchased the sample sizes in two ounces and you can also get them in 4 oz and larger.  The 2oz is more than enough though for right now.  I have had some 2 oz samples and and used them up in two days.  
Anywho...the HHC has a wonderful smell to it, at church Sunday I kept getting a whiff of it from my hair, feeling good that my hair was smelling good.  I wonder if anyone smelled it too :)  The consistency is a thick  butter but very soft and emulsifies well, my hair sucked it in.  I made sure to apply it to my ends well.
The hair jel had a light coconut smell to it, but Idon't love it as much as the HHC. Sorry that is about all I can say about the jel, my hair is more frizzy than anything so I need something a little more thicker and heavier for hold.

I used both these products in two different ways, the first was in a bantu knot out that was so soft and heavenly.  The only thing was the jel did not have a lot of hold but I still got some clumping, so I ended up using my eco styler gel with the hair creme.  I don't tnink the coconut jel is good for a holding but lays the edges down pretty good, it is very light weight.
My second style was my twists I do for the week.  We have had rain and tornadoes the past few days I needed to twist right away, this is the true test-how will my hair hold up? I used the gel and creme and my results are great for these, the jel is better with the hold and I got some good sheen which my hair seldom gets from the creme.  The jel certainly won't be used for a twist out though.
I can't wait to try some more products because there are definitely boocoos to try, I have some deep conditioners, moisturizers, and other cremes I can't wait to order.

Would I order again:  yes I would, but only the creme.

2So now I am waiting for my Bee Mine order for my baby girl, the Balancing Conditioner and a sample of Deja's Hair Milk.  I loved the conditioner on her hair before but this will be the first time us the hair milk- hope I like it. 
3 My sister has had locs for the past two years and now she is ready to get rid of them :(  She called me last weekend asking about how to take locs out and I told her about the techniques that I have seen.  She decided Friday will be the day that she starts to unlock her hair of course with my help, no cutting for her.  Right now her locs com a tad bit past her shoulders so I can only imagine how longer her hair will be, but I did tell her there will be a lot of shedding from the hair already trapped in the loc.  What she will do with it afterwards I don't have a clue.  Knowing my sis she will changer her mind and keep them in, she is soooo not a hair person at all, I wouldn't be surprised if she cut it off short.  What ever she does I will report back.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Hair- bantu knot out

Here is yesterday and today hair, Easter hair.  I did a bantu knot out using My Honey Child products. I will definitely be back with my thoughts on them later on.
I luv the chinkyness

me and babies
me and hubby, my hair
is bigger than his head, lol.

and I made some homemade bread pudding for the 
first time, the other side does not have raisins
cause one child does not like them.
Might I add it was delicious.

Have a happy Monday!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Blow out on natural hair

Sunday I decided to blow my hair out on a whim and boy has it grown. I played around with it and was l loving the after, but what to do afterwards cause I had to go to work the next day. Sooo, I did two bih flat twists down the side and some kind of twist in the back, I think it turned out cute.
Oh and I finally ordered me some sample products from My Honey Child, I have been trying to getsome for a while.I ordered some Honey Hair Creme and Sophia's Coconut Hair Jel...can't wait to try these out.Until then enjoy the pictures.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

New found product- LIttle Penguins

I found out about a product line called Little Pengins on Beads Braids and Beyond blog and got a little interested so I went to their website.
The products sound so amazing and the pictures surely make them look more amazing.  So you know the product junkie in me is wanting some so bad for my babies hair, especially that little one, there is a war gong on in my head now, lol. 

Products consist of :
Fresh Cream (a leave in conditioning cream)
3 different Pomades, Mocha Bean, Organice Mango Illipe, and Coconut Capuacu
Sweat Cream Butter ( whipped capuacu-cocoa butter)
Organic Honey and Vanilla Bean Smoothie (leave in or rinse out)
New Ella Jelly (for shine and hold)

Price wise- they are a little bit pricey so I won't be rushing to purchase, but it will surely be in the soon.
You definitely have to check out the site to find out more info.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baby Girls hair project

The back of my youngest daughters head, the nape mind you, is a hot mess and I need to do something quick. So I ordered some more Bee Mine because for one it works so great in her hair and second, her hair just does not respond well to so many other products, but I can tell you it loves water and grease just sayin so don't judge me.
I kid you not her hair looks worse on the picture than it really is but it does need some help. One thing I know is she itches and scratches back there alot so I need to find something for that. I also ordered Dejas Hair Milk to help soften up her edges and hopefully it will help the back too. I know it will take some time but I am sure it will grow back out. Wish me luck!!

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