Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hubby Hair Woes

What I am about to tell you is not funny...but it kind of is (but only to me)
My hubby has decided to get locs and he has been growing his hair out for the past two to three months.
Well. today he went and got what was supposed to be a trim and the barber cut too much off, he is so mad right now he does not know what to do.  I wish I had a picture of what his hair looked like before the chop because it has grown tremendously.
I dropped him off at the shop while I went to Ross (fav store), thirty minutes later he texted my back and said he was ready to go  and also how mad he was about his cut.  I thought he was playing cause he does that sometimes.  But when I saw his hair I could not believe my eyes, the barber, who by the way knows my hubby is trying to grow his hair out, cut way too much off putting him back at least a month worths of hair growth.
His plan was to start the Loc process on his birthday April 1, yes he his an April Fools baby.
I feel kind of bad cause I told him he was looking a little scruffy and needed the top trimmed a bit, if I had not said anything this would not have happened.
Like he always says's over and you can't go back.
He is so disappointed in the whole situation and I truly feel bad for him cause he is so excited about this venture into the natural world.  He said he will let me trim it from now on like I had done before cause it looked nice.  Smiles!!
His hair grows fast anyways so by April he should be ready to get started.  My sister has locs and he will be using her loctitian.
Anyways, I just had to share this story with you guys,  I thought it was cut.  I told him now he understands how women feel when we get something done to our hair (like the Big Chop, lol) and can't go back.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Big Girls Lace style hair

New hairstyle for my Big Girl got a new style today and it is so cute.  Before I get to the pictures though let me tell you about this site I found on yesterday, Hairstyles For Girl-The Story of a Princess and Her Hair, and she has the cutest styles for girls...I was am in love.  The Style Gallery has so many pictures of styles that I can't wait to try, I think I will try a style a week. My daughter loves hairstyles, everytime we go onto a BSS she is like mommy I want that style (pointing to the style on the perm box) and I always tell her she no cause I am looking at the perm box instead of the style.  Well no more, the site above gave some super cute ideas and since I am not a creator I will be giving these creations a try.  And don't worry I will give credit where credit is due.

Check it out:
 First I parted hair from ear to ear

Then proceeded in connecting ponytails
I think it is soooo cute on her and she loves it.
Sorry had to make this quick gotta get to work.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Baby Girls New Do

My Baby Girl's hair was done this weekend, she has lots of hair so it only gets washed about every 3 to 4 weeks, yes I have said it before sometimes her hair gets washed once a month, it's not worth the fight.
So I washed with Carols Daughter Hair Milk shampoo and detangled with the conditioner and my Tangle Teezer.  And while I am on that subject I wish the Teezer had some kind of handle on it cause that thing kept slipping from my hand, very frustrating.
Once again, I blowdried cause in these winter months her hair just does better.  For styling I we went a different route, usually she will get pony tails but I decided to braid it up for a while, when going through Happy Girl Hair I noticed this style and thought it was cute so I tried it but deviated a bit to put my own spin on it and her hair turned out cute.
First things first though:
hair before washing, she didn't even cry today.

Serious shrinkage!!
Washed hair after being detangled and rinsed. 
Ready for styling!!
Look at all that hair, I would cry too.
End results:
I think this style turned out so cute on her and should
last her the rest of the week.  She has very sensitive
skin and will not sleep in a scarf
or satin cap so I am praying this holds.

I did blowdry her hair even after knowing that her braids usually don't last long that way, but I plan on refreshing every weekend and that will get me through the month just in time for another shampoo.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Big Girl Got Growth

I washed my Big Girls hair on yesterday using my Carol's Daughter Hair Milk shampoo and conditioner, once again I love that conditioner and the shampoo wasn't bad on her hair either.  She had her hair in a protective style the past three weeks and it was time to take the braids out, the bad thing though is she had a lot of shedding, more than usual and that scared me.  I decided to give her hair a rest with the braids and twists so I blow dried and flat ironed her hair, the last time I did this was in September for class pictures, this time she had some good growth.
To blow dry I used Kimmay Leave in and Elasta QP Design Silk heat protectant for her ends.  Like I said before I rarely use heat on my daughters hair except for very special occasions and when I do it lasts for a good three weeks then it is time to wash again.

Washed and shrunken hair

Blow dried

Flat ironed

(left) September 2011, (right) February 2011.  You really 
can't tell the differnce in the growth but there is especailly
in the front and sides.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Third week of Challenge

Today starts my third week of my challenge and so far so good.  I decided to wash every two weeks cause that just works for me.  I keep it twisted for the week and wear a twist out on Saturday to retwist on Sunday and moisturize throughout the week.

I washed and retwisted last night, it was definitely time for some water to hit my hair.  I have been using a pre poo mixture that my hair has been loving,  I can tell the difference with it.  I tried a new hair style for the next two weeks, how ya like??
I wasn't trying to make the parts too perfect cause nobody would see it.
So proud of my hair growth!!!

And here is it all twisted  and pinned up, I think this styled 
turned out really cute, unfortunately this won't be 
coming down for a twist out  this weekend
but I will freshen the twists up on Sunday.
I will once again use my aloe vera juice and oil blend and shea butter mixture for that.
I will do another challenge update in two more weeks so stay tuned...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sew Not About Hair

No this is not about hair, but it is another sewing/craft post.
For Christmas my sis in law gave me a sweater, pretty color but just not my style.
Just could not figure this dang thing out... 

So I cut the sweater in half and sewed it into a tube and made another Infinity scarf, the left over sleeve was turned into a flower.  I told my husband he better not tell her either, LOL!! She probably wouldn't mind, at least it is getting put to use.
Sew many ways to wear it (that is sooo cheesy)
but I love it :)
And pinned up hair is two weeks strong.

Oh, check out my Magnetic Photo holders I have been making,
how cute are they??

These were both gifts for other people, so 
overlook the pictures in them now.
They can be hung or put on frame/plate holders.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hair Challenge

I know everyone does a hair challenge all the time but do you really stick with it (with a shoulder shrug)???  I'm about to try, just got through my first week and it was very simple, partly because we had rain and and it needed to be put up.  This challenge was right on time cause my straight natural had come to an end after 5 weeks.  I decided to follow Healthy Hair and Body's blog challenge for the next 6 months, the biggest challenge for me will be just sticking to the challenge itself, especially when the Spring comes and I feel urge to wear my twist out, ok maybe I will do that occassionally.
Anywhoooo, I retwisted last night using a spritz mixture of aloe vera juice, jojoba oil, carrot oil, olive oil, and glycerin then my shea butter mixture over that, twists turned out great. Oh and I also detangled with my new favorite item the Tangle Teezer, I had given up on the Denman long time ago, I think it was doing some damage to my hair.

It's long enough where I don't have to make 
the twists bigger and pin them up.
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