Saturday, May 30, 2009

Two strand twists

Once upon a time I did a post about how I thought I didn't like protective styles, I am still not all that open. But yesterday while doing my hair I ran across a little hair style that I figured what the hey, I could try this. Not gonna tell what it is, but tomorrow I will try it. I decide to clarify my hair real good with baking soda and the apple cider vinegar and even swing by The Fresh Market and pick up a little colored Henna for a nice deep conditioning, if I have time. Anywho, I will post pics of how it all turns out. Until then.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Texture My Way

Here is a video that I have been trying to get uploaded for the longest, my old broadband server was slow so now I have a new server so I am able to upload now.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Natural or Texturized

I bought a new product called Texture My Way by Organics, it is a product for texturized hair but I thought what the hey, if it can keep texturized hair moisturized then what can it do for mine. I like the product so far, after it is completely dry I will see if it is worth it. I put it in while in the shower and my hair was soaking wet, I did wring it out just a little with my hands. It does have a glossy feel when you rub it through your hands and it also smells delightful. After I put in the Moisturizer I also rubbed a good amount of Tahlia Waajhids Lock It Up gel and of course spraye some of my Hawaiian Silky spray. I liked the end result.

You know what I have been thinking though, if you have a texturizer then are you still considered natural? Not that I want one and I don't have anything against people who do, but just wondering. I know some people who say they are natural but have texturizers, for many reasons. But doesn't that defeat the purpose? Person #1 has a texturizer for maintenance, person #2 has a texturizer so she can look like she has "good" hair (I know cause I asked her). I came out and asked her that and she said yes with no hesitation, I kindly told her " sweetie you don't have good hair and that chemical is not going to help you get it", I also told her that you have to find what products work for your hair. Person #2 has a lot of issues with her natural hair including a hair horror story, I work with her everyday so I know, oh how I wish I could help her.

Person #2 gets a texturizer just for mainenance, she is not into doing all that up-keep that comes with coily hair which is not problem, "good" hair is not in her vocabulary. But then again she does a great job on keeping her hair looking great. What exactly does a texturizer do? That is my real question, does it soften it or is it more like a curl? I don't know, this calls for some investigation on my side.

I always thought that texturizers were only for people with short hair but the other day I saw a box that had a picture of a lady with neck length hair. I don't know, I just feel that if you really want to be natural then do it, a texturizer is still a chemical just like a relaxer you have to keep applying it to your hair. But on the other hand if you have a texturizer rock it if it makes your life easier.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Finally Satisfied

I decided not to wash my hairstyle out, my sister told me it was very cute and I decided to listen to her. To my surprise I have had a few compliments about it here at work so I guess I will keep it just until my this weekend only because my graduation is on Wednesday and I am going to rock my TWA it is the only style that will go with my dress I bought just for that night. Oh yeah, all the grease has finally disappeared from my hair and that definitely makes a difference, next time I will tell her not to use so much oil. I took pictures of my hair but did not have time to upload them cause I was doing two other little girls hair, the pictures are cute, maybe I will have time tonight.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What new do?

I have to be honest and say that I am not happy with my hairstyle that I got on last night from who I thought would be a new stylist for me. The "Funky Fro" is a no-no for me, I am contemplating when to wash only because I spent the money on it, it may be gone by Monday morning depending on my mood. This is what she did, she washed good and put me under the dryer to deep condition with peppermint oil, now that was lovely, then she rinsed me and rodded my hair with some teeny tiny perm rods then sat under the dryer to dry. After I was dry she took the rods out and seperated the coils. O.K, that sounds cute right? Not. she put so much grease in my hair if it was hot enough my hair would fry seriously. My expectations were very much high and then I got a big let down. I am just not happy with the style I keep thinking it is just that maybe I don't like all the grease, my pillowcase has to be washed. I am not trying to be funny but this is serious, I don't know if I should wash it or let it get old and see if it gets any cuter, which will take about two weeks and to make things worse my husband doesn't like it either. Plus I have my graduation on the 27 and I definitely need a cute hairstyle, knowing me I will end up rocking my TWA and a cute red flower in my hair cause I just bought the cutest dress for it. I will post pics later and let you tell me how it looks.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I figured it out

Lately the right side of my head, my temple area, has been getting thin and I could not figure out for the life of me what the problem was. Until Saturday morning...I woke up and the problen came to me, I sleep on my right side always. Thats the reason my left side is filling in all wonderful and the right is not. So since Saturday night I have been trying to sleep on the left when I can, that means when I wake throughout the night I'm like "uh oh better turn over" that's getting on my nerves already. That was the first question my new beautician asked me, and I told her my right side is just my most favorite side and she said if I want my side to fill in I better try to lay on the left. Believe me I am trying, hopefully with her oil treatments once a month and me doing the Castor oil challenge we can get this thing on the road. At first I thought this natural thing was about to hit the fan, I was thinking uh my hair is shedding, it is not liking this natural thing but in actuality my hair is doing fine growing and getting thicker. I look forward to that one year mark in December, yes I am very patient cause I can't make it come any sooner, just enjoying what I have now.

You know what I am also looking forward to this summer, since it will be summer break and I won't have to go into work I get a chance to play around with some three strand twists in my hair and not have to worry about looking all professional, Yes I will try some protective hairstyles this summer even though I am not a big fan.

Also wanted to give a shout out to my Homegirl Kysha who now has about 2-3 inches of hair, yes she cut her hair off to start her natural journey, yes I have to admit I inspired her, me and her two natural sisters. Way to go Kysha!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


This morning I went for a hair consultation at a natural hair care salon, I am getting overwhelmed with my hair and need a little assistance if you will. The stylist, Queen, was so nice she looked at my hair, which is healthy, and told me what she does. She specializes in Locs, Twists, Natural coils, and healthy hair. She has a style that she calls the funky fro that lasts for two to three weeks and all I have to do is sleep in a satin cap, nothing extra has to be done and that is definitely what I need. I made an appointment for next Saturday which will also include a peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, hot oil treatment, hmmm sounds interesting. I am excited if all goes well I will be seeing her every two, hopefully three, weeks. She said make sure I wash and detangle by the third week cause my so they do not start to loc. She also told me to make sure I detangle more often so my coils do not start to loc cause my hair type locs fast. I did thank her for that bit of info cause seriously I detangle about once every two weeks and I do not want locs, nothing against them just don't like them on myself. Toodles.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Product Review: Naat Intensive Mask

While walking around my local BSS I ran upon this Intensive Mask Hair Treatment for curly hair. I used it once on last Monday when I bought it and again this past Saturday as a deep conditioner when I washed again. You know what? I really like this product, it was fantastic! It also did a wonderful job on both my daughters hair, which makes it a plus product in my book. My hair was super soft and full of moisture all day, and after rinsing out of the girls hair I was able to run a large comb through it. I have been looking for a deep conditioning treatment and this is definintely going to be the one.

Product: Naat Treatment Curly Hair Intensive Mask; $5.99 at beauty supply store, $7.99 on line

Info: Intensive Mask with Keratinand Cupuacu Butter restores hair, it was specially developed to treat wavy, curly, and wavy curly hair.

Would I use again: Definitely! As soon as I fun out I will be buying this again and between me and my girls I am sure to run out quick. There is also shampoo, conditioner and a leave in that I would like to try too.

I give this product five stars

* * * * *

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Castor Oil Challenge

What a day, I washed my hair, by the way it had not been washed all week and still soft and shiny, my regimen is working lovely, and it was wash day for my daughters hair as well. Talk about work. Today I have also been driving around Memphis looking for castor oil. I don't live in the hood, so t I had to go out driving around the old hood looking for this castor oil. Thanks to a fellow blogger ( Kinky Rhonnie) I found out about a Castor Oil Challenge that is taking place at, check it out, I did a little research on the castor oils that she has on the site, I did find the HomeHealth one but no luck on any black castor oil :( I am a little nervous about the HomeHealth one, still checking that one out but if it turns out alright to use then I definitely know where to find it but I know I will not be able to find this Jamaican Black Castor Oil. This is Hairlista's second oil challenge and she seems to have had lots of positive feedback so I am going to give it a try this time.

Still Here

I am still here and still natural, just been super busy with work and school there is just not enough time in the day to do what needs to be done. Just like there is not time to for me to day what I need to say right now, but I will return in a few hours. Until then. . . .
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