Saturday, August 27, 2011

Etsy Is Open

OK, here is my surprise.

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This coupon is good through the weekend only.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Twice Is Nice...and A Surprise Coming

What a week, not to mention that this doggone walking boot I am still wearing wears me out by the end of the day that all I want to do is get home from work quickly and sit down.  So my toe is still healing and my doctor wants me to go to an orthopedist, but I think not, I finally called them today and told the nurse that I may call back next week it I can't walk on it this weekend.  I mean seriously, is a foot doctor really necessary?  I admit I want my foot to heal right cause lawd knows I love me some cute shoes and love showing my feet cause they are purdy....but hubby says leave the boot on so my toe can heal properly.  He loves my feet too, lol.

Anyways, on to my post.  I did a hot oil treatment and washed my hair tonight once again using the Aphogee products: shampoo for damaged hair, moisturizing balancing conditioner, 2 minute Keratin treatment, and the provitamin leave in. I then twisted while damp using my shea butter moisturizer and watered down Giovanni direct leave in.  I plan on doing the same moisturizing regimen I used this past week, alternating my products that include Carols's Daughter Healthy Hair Butter, I could definitely tell a difference  in how moisturized my hair was on this wash day.  I do still plan on buying the Kera Care Butter Cream or the As I Am Double Butter as soon as I can, I know I liked the Butter Cream better than the Double Butter so I think that may be the one I purchase along with the Hair Milk for my daughter.

I surely saw a difference in the my hair shed from either breakage of regular shedding.  I detangled a different way this time and I think I will do a video on that next week when I wash again.This was also my first time using the Keratin conditioner and I loved the way my hair felt afterwards, it was so soft. Can't wait to see the results in the morning after I untwist, stay tuned for pictures.

Also guys stay tuned for a surprise first thing in the morning...good night!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hair Today...again

So glad that my hair can make it into a ponytail now, this style was the result of my twistout from yesterday, retwisted last night. I started with my hair just pulled back in the front then decided to make a ponytail cause it is kind of humid. I think it's cute, I think I'll do it again tomorrow too. Enjoy!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hair Today

Here is a picture of my hair today. Twist out using my homemade shea butter mix and Carols Daughter hair butter. My hair turned out great: soft with body and movement.
Also enjoy a picture of earrings I just made.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Aphogee Protein Treatment

As promised I did  the Aphogee protein treatment on this Saturday...what do I think?

First of all when I went to purchase the treatment I happened to walk in with a female police officer and we both just happened to be going to the same product.  I asked her if she had ever used the protein treatment and she said yes and that the Aphogee products are the only ones she uses, who would have thought it, oh and she was natural.  As we were talking she was telling me that she uses all the products on a regular basis and that her favorite is the hair oil, according to her before she hits the streets she washes, throws the oil in her hair and is out the door.
By this time I was feeling good about the products.
I bought my stuff and was on my merry way.
I first shampooed with the shampoo for damaged hair, and let me tell you I make sure to read the lables before using and the last thing I read was if gets in eye rinse with cold water, and lawd have mercy, what happened the shampoo got in my eye and I thought I was going to be blind forever.  I rinsed for about 10 minutes and it took 15 for my eye to get back to normal.  It burned like crazy and that was just the shampoo.  After rinsing and drying I applied the protein treatment and this time I put on gloves cause I was still afraid from the shampoo and this stuff smelled bad, I used a spray bottle for this step and kept my eyes closed, not finna get me again.

I sat under the dryer for about 30-40 minutes and came out with some rock hard hair.

 After rinsing I used the Moisture Balancing conditioner, then did a DC with my own conditioner and styled my hair like I usually do, oh and I used Aphogee ProVitamin leave in as the base for my other styling products. Style of choice was of course a twist out.

 I used Carols Daughter Healthy Hair Butter
and loved the softness of my hair.

So my thoughts on the treatment: I don't know if I was supposed to be able to really feel a difference, but I felt like my style did turn out a whole lot better than it usually does, could it be from the products, I don't know, I do know I loved the results.  I will be doing the treatment again but maybe not in 6 weeks maybe a little longer than that, cause you know you have to stick with a product for a while to get the full affects.
Am I happy with the results?  Yep!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Accidents Do Happen

What a busy week....glad to be back at work but good lawd I am tired.  On top of that I had a minor accident this past yes I was wearing some cute open toe sandals.
I broke my toe, the baby toe, and it hurt like heck, so now I have to wear this big, heavy boot until I see the orthopedist or anybody who will see me at this point.  Well I was at work rushing through the door as usual and turned around super quick and my toe made contact with my daughters foot which was in one of those thick converse shoes and bam, I knew it was broke but was just hoping it was a sprain.  Well there goes getting back to Zumba.  Maybe I can get some ab work in since it does not involve the feet.
This is my first time wearing the boot and I surely can't understand how people wear these long term.

Okay on to hair.  I finally decided to do an Aphogee protein treatment this coming Saturday, I feel like  my hair is really in need of it.  I have always been afraid of that but after doing lots of research and the great results from their shampoo and conditioner I think I will give it a try and of course I will let you know that turns out. 
My Big Girl is still rocking the twists I put in two weeks ago, one more week and then I will take them down to rewash and give another protective style, she wants her mohawk back so that is what she will get, I am thinking I will do them some what small so it will last another three weeks, that's about as long as I will let her hair stay up between washes anything longer than that leaves her hair really dry.

And now my side hustle: jewelry.  Here are a few pics of some things I have made recently.

 I made these feather earrings for some of 
my younger sisters friends at school.

I made this matching yoyo earrings
and necklace set for my coworker, she loved it
and we got plenty of compliments.

Until the weekend, enjoy.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to school again...

One of my favorite movies is Grease, yeah talk about me if you want but I love both of them, when the movie is coming on all the students are singing about going back to school and  let me tell you they are not excited, if you have seen the movie then you know what I am talking about, if not go watch it. Anyways, I feel like the kids felt at the beginning, slowfooting into the school.
Tomorrow is only Friday but my body feels like we have been at this longer than a week, thats what happens when you get 8 weeks of relaxation, summer was great! I woke up this morning super tired and in need of my morning coffee ASAP. I have to admit though that I am glad to be back at work and to see all my coworkers again, not to mention that my school is a great place to work. The best thing this year is that my Baby Girl will be in kindergarten and at school with me and Big Girl so I will get to work everyday on time for a change, mommas you know what I am talking about.
As much as I wanted a new job I love the job that I have. See I am an assistant teacher which means I go to different classes and tutor children, mostly kindergarten, first, and, second, in reading, math, and any other subjects they made need help in. I find it really fulfilling to do that cause I am a big fan of education and love to see children learning and excited about it. Last year I worked with a second grader who at the beginning of the year could barely read at a first grade level but by the end of the year she was reading right where she needed to be, I was so happy for her. There are parts of the job that are not all fine and dandy but I guess that comes with all jobs.
I am just blessex to have a job period, cause they way this economy is, I could be one of the ones seaeching.
I have so many plans going through my mind for this school year that I will share shortly, including a hair plan and a little surprise so stay tuned, as soon as I get sometime this weekend I will release it.
Until then enjoy another pair of earrings that I made tonight and another wreath I made for a coworker...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Still making jewelry: Feathers

Feather earrings made by me...

Aphogee Review

My computer is finally back up and running, oh how I missed it, it's ashame how much we rely on technology.
So school is starting back on Monday, sad face, but I will be so excited to see a check.
This week was time to get my girls hair ready for the year after having a break during the summer, I decided to give the Aphogee line a try, I did  a little research and figured I should have good results with it being all pH balanced and stuff, I did like that fact. Here's what I bought.
Deep Moisture Shamopoo- $5
Balancing Moisturizer-$4
ProVitamin Leave In Conditioner-$4
all pH optomized

I used this on both my girls hair and let me tell you I was amazed, I was really looking to be unimpressed but man was I wrong,
Shampoo, makes styling easier, restores body and vibrancy, and controls frizz: from the time I shampooed and rinsed their hair was so freakin soft I was even to get a wide tooth comb through the back section of Baby Girls hair.
Balancing Moisturizer, infuses moisture, improves manageability, softness and shine: the bottle does not say conditioner but it is. I do see why it says moisturizer though because once  again I was impressed at the softness and how my comb and TT glided through the hair.  The moisturizer stays in for two minutes, I did 5 just cause, I put a plastic cap over then rinsed in cool water. Amazing!!! Oh but let me tell you, this stuff does not have the best smell, we all agreed it smells like my husbands deodorant.
 ProVitamin Leave In, adds lightweight moisture, improves body and shine, protects against heat: Last but not least the leave in, so I don't like watery leave ins and just knew this was going to be a miss, honey let me tell you, blowdrying was a breeze and it did exactly what it said.  Hair has body and shine and it is also a heat protectant so I did not have to add anything else before drying.

Overall I loved the outcome of my girls hair, I will definitely be using them again on their hair and can't wait to use it on mine as well. 
Check out pics below, I am working on a video review and having trouble uploading the videos from my phone to my computer, hopefully I will have it soon.
 Baby Girl after getting blowdried

 Back view

 All ready for school

 Baby Girls hair has never turned out better

Big Girl worried me so bad
about getting her twists 
back for school.
Hope you enjoyed the review!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Preparing hair for twists

Wow, I am missing my blog. My computer is down for a while but will be back up shortly so there are no big time product reviews that I need to do. But for now enjoy the pics of blown out hair cause I am preparing my hair for twists cause school and work officially start back Monday. What happened to three month vacations?
Anyways,  yesterday I blowdried my hair using the tension method and my concentrator nozzle, then went through with the  denman, my hair had been washed a week ago and the only products in my hair were my moisturizer and my shea butter pomade so there was no need to rewash. I did use my Elasta QP heat protectant and the results were awesome, super soft hair, I was so tempted to flat iron but I resisted. I did braid my hair back upafterwards,  but it has get twisted by tonight though cause I've got to be at work tomorrow. Check out the pics. Also since my laptop is down I decided to pick back up on my knitting, check out my hat.

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