Friday, January 30, 2009

Naturl beauties

So what is "good hair" or "pretty hair"? Last night in class I had someone make this comment to me: "Girl your cut off all that pretty hair." Yes I did, and I am glad. It saves me plenty of time in the morning not having to curl it or pin it. And don't let it be a rainy day, here comes the ponytail. I try not to comb in my daughters hair too much also, especially the youngest if you see her picture you see why, she is totally tenderheaded. "Good hair" is what they use for her. It is not good it is just very fine and curly. Bet you wouldnt want to comb it! Anyways, I got tired of sitting in the beaty shop everyother weekend, under the dryer. I must say my whole mindset has changed since cutting my hair. It's amazing that after you do something you start seeing alot of people with the same thing. I hope not to be one of those people that do this for a "hot minute" and then turn around and perm their hair again. I am just so excited about this whole new venture. I will post my transition styles soon.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I think I got it!

Random pic.
Back view.

I decided to flat iron my hair just for fun. Won't do it again.
Here is what my hair looks like after a blow out. Super Poofy!

So I think I finally got it. I have been using whipped shea butter on my hair every night and sleeping in a satin scarf which I have been doing forever anyways. In the morning I spray Hawaiin Silky Moisturizer and Sheen on my hair and rub it through a just a little bit so it does not get frizzy. It has helped my hair alot, it is not dry like it used to be and by the middle of the day it is still soft and shining. I havent washed my hair since Monday morning, usually I would have to wash it every morning to make it look decent. I wondering if I should try the shea butter while my hair is still wet. Wouldnt hurt to try.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Before chop

A small hair cut befor the big chop.

Helping my daughter get ready for a wedding. I must say
I am rocking that hairstyle.

Me at a Christmas party sporting my famous roller set.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Okay so I never have time for anything. Yesterday was my birthday and it seems the day just flew by me. I woke up this morning and thought "my birthday is gone." Oh well, another year will come. Today I am going to one of my favorite seafood restaurants and then later on out to chill with my girlfriends for a while. So this morning I am trying to think of something to do with my hair. I wore it pressed for a few days and just washed it yesterday morning. It was cute but I truly missed my curls. I want to blow dry it and were a small puff that will keep me from washing it this week because it will be cold her all next week, either that or some twists. Maybe I will experiment with both and see which one I like better. I am having a problem with moisture and finding the right product that work for my hair. Last night I applied Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioner to my wet hair and slept in a showercap. I guess I will see how that works, I truly hope that helps alittle. Shoot, I thought it was going to be easier to deal with, I was wrong. But I definitely dont want to turn back. I will figure something out.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I finally did it.

So, this is my first time blogging so excuse me if there are any errors. I decided I wanted to blog just because. Since this is my first time I think I will take you along as I go on my natural hair journey, hope you enjoy. I just did my big chop three weeks ago and no I am still not used to it. This is the day of the chop, I hadn't had a relaxer in five and a half months. Still a little self conscious, even though everyone I see says that it looks awesome. That is one of my daughters words. It is definitely a change from having hair down my neck and being able to make a ponytail. Man, I sure miss that. Anyways, can't turn back the past. So now I am experimenting with my hair trying to find a style that suits my face. Since it is so cold here in Memphis I am thinking about pressing it to protect it for a while until it starts warming up. I have super tight coils and don't like the way they are drying out, and since I don't want my hair to get dry and brittle I think that would be best. I must say I do like not having to get up in the morning curling hair and wrapping hair every night. Low maintenance. Anyways, enough rambling, hope you enfoy this journey with me.
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