Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Uggghh, technology!

Heeeeyyy, check out my new button that took hours and hours and hours to finally figure out how to attach it to my blog.  Seriously technology is ridiculous, you know what, I take that back, if you do a tutorial all I ask is to please make sure that ALL the directions are correct that way I don't have to get all hot and frustrated that it ain't working when I know I am doing it right.
Relax, relate, release!
Anyways, the button is finally up.  I have been wanting a button for the longest  but as computer savy as I am I did not know how to do it, then the other day I ran across a tutorial on one of the blogs I follow and decided to do it.  The button drawing is one that I drew and decorated myself and I love the way it turned out, my husband couldn't believe that I did that myself, neither can I. I love the fact that it's not perfect or doesn't look professional, it turned out exactly how I pictured.
Isn't it cute though?
Go ahead, grab it, don't be shy!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Refashioned yard sale tray

Another crafting project, yes!!
Saturday I went to a few garage sales with the girls, might I add they did not like it, all I kept hearing was when are we going home?  Needless to say I kept driving around looking for more.
At my first sale I found the best tray ever in the best red color that went perfect with my den, not to mention as soon as I saw it I already knew what I was going to do to it.  Yep... Modge Podge ran straight through my mind.  Yeah it was cute the way it was but it just needed more. Today I ran to my favorite store, Joannes where I love to use my 15% teacher card faithfully, I make sure to get my full use out of it.
I bought some cute red scrapbook paper with some music pages on it and got to work.

What I used:
My red tray
Modge Podge.
I am not going to give directions cause
 it is on the back of the glue bottle 
and super easy to follow. But I will show you what I did.

My red tray, $2, great buy!

Cut out and glued my paper to the tray the way I wanted.
The tray is all nice and shiny after adding 
a few layers of Modge Podge to the top.

Can you see the music notes?

It's new home on my ottoman in the den.

I love me some crafting....

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cute and easy hair bows for girls

We are going to a birthday party this evening for one of my daughters classmates so we decided to make the gifts for the birthday girl. The other day I ran across a blog while searching for felt flower idea and thought her flowers were beautiful.  She did not use them as hair bows but I thought they would be adorable as matching pairs. To check it out go to befickle.blogspot.com

So alls you need is:
a glue gun
felt of any color
and buttons (the size of the buttons 
depends on the size flower you make)

For the size flower I was making I cute out 
four circles and one more smaller
one to glue onto

fold the circle twice.  See where the point is, 
put a tiny dot of glue there to keep
the petal closed. Do that for all larger circles.

Next, find the center of the smaller circle
and glue the point there for all the petals.

and this is what it looks like...just glue
your button to the middle and 
you are finished.

 Since this going to be a hair clip
I attached a metal clip to back. The pink 
felt piece will be attached to the back also 
for extra security.

I also added a piece of denim, so the 
back did not look so plain.

Here are some more that I made for the fun of it.  The white flower is part of my jewelry collection.  Got plenty more to make tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Jewelry Making Momma

Finally, I am here to show what has been keeping my attention lately.  I have been a jewelry making momma, seriously, I have been whipping out earrings, necklaces, and bracelets like some crazy person, but I admit they are cute as can be.
So this is what happened at the Natural Hair Expo my sis in law and I came across a jewelry table handing out cards for a natural hair competition and they were looking for vendors, so needless to say my sis in law had a lightbulb go off that we should make some jewelry and set us up a table, she is a hustler to her heart, lol, but I love her.  Needless to say I agreed and we have been whipping out stuff left and right, and yes we have a ball, all day we are texting things that we make all into the night.
Well here are plenty of pictures of the things I have made, enjoy!
 Beaded  bracelet with turtle charm 
and matching earring

 Wrapped bracelet with bow

 Wrapped bracelet
 Orangesicle: Beaded bracelet with 
heart charm
 Blue Ice and Cherry Cola

 Yo Yo Earrings with buttons

 Denim yo yo earrings with buttons

 Hoop earrings
 Felt flower bracelet
 Felt flower bracelet

 Lovely, yeah I named it that, I seriously 
felt that way when I tried it on.
Wouldn't mind keeping this one for myself.

 Another bracelet
Earrings, I have so many beads to make earrings with

 Another beaded bracelet

As you can see I have been very busy and still not finished, off to get started on more.  Saturday I am posting a how to for some cute and easy girls hairbows, stay tuned cause these are great.
Have a great Friday!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hair of the day

Ya'll I have been sooo busy with so many other crafts going on that I have not had time to do any real posts and I have so much to talk about, it's just a rambling mush in my brain. I have been so busy making jewelry that time has just gone by. Later Tomorrow I will post pictures and tell why so much jewelry, I also need to do my official review of As I Am hair products :).

For today enjoy my hair of the day, for the styling I have been using the new product I purchase at the Tennessee Hair Care Expo, Anago Samina Tahitian Coconut moisturizer, that was a God send for my hair, it has been so soft and moisturized all week, I will surely purchase again when I run out.  Oh, and did I tell you it was only $6 bucks.  Bam!

Stay tuned for tomorrow...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Girls night in

Last Friday I did a girls night in with my daughters and two neices. We enjoyed pizza, a movie and manicures an pedicures compliments of me. I let them pick their own designs for toes and fingers, they had so much fun. I was so tired by the time we were finished that I did not take pics til the next morning and my neices were already gone.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tennesssee Natural Hair Care and Wellness Expo pictures

Before I get started, please excuse these pictures they are definitely not as good as I usually do, but the camera I was so sensitive that if I shook just a little it make the picture kind of fuzzy. Seriously my Evo takes better pictures but I didn't think of that until the end.
Never the less I had a great time, I was there with my little sister(who went jewelry crazy), sis in law, her mother and grandmother, by the time it was time to go we were pooped. It was so wonderful to see so many beautiful natural in one place. Oh and excuse the date, I ended up changing batteries and forgot this was a different camera and it just gives you any ole date if you don't set it.
Hope you enjoy the pics...most of these lovely women are from Memphis, TN.
Me and Elle Perry, freelance journalist

My sister Nyla and Brittany Lewis, owner
of Anago Samina Handmade Originals

Kimberly Brown, stylist, jewelry designer, and 
owner of Urban Chocolate. She was stocked
and ready for business...which 
she got plenty of, by the time I 
left most of this was gone.

Sarah Elliot of Sarenzo Beads demonstrates 
how to wear her hair ties. And yes I bought me 
one too.  She is sooo nice.

 Sarah Elliot, of Sarenzo Beads

My little sis getting her shop on

Tonya Tate of Plentty, her feather hair combs
were the bomb.  

 Rochelle Woods owner of Opulence Hair and
Scalp Therapy.  She has been in business
since March of 2011, she was so nice.
So glad she is located here in Memphis, 
this will definitely be my first
purchase after going back to work and 
getting my hair done.

My sis  in law, her mother and her grandmother

 A Natural Affair Beauty Lounge, 
owner Takeisha Berry-Brooks, the greatest
personality, my sis in law actually
had her big chop here and 
still goes there bi-weekly. Great
group of ladies.
Memphis, TN

Nakia Amour, Healthy Hair Advocate Nakia Amour Hair 
Products, Little Rock, AR. 
Been in business one year.

Nakia Amour

Lavern Brown owner of Brownskin Apparel,

Nappy Hair Is Happy Hair

So many beautiful and natural women,  
gotta love it.

More Naturalness

Me and my little sis, Nyla

 I had a wonderful time, and, did I purchase anything?  I sure did.

Hair wrap from Sarenzo Beads, fabric earrings from 
Urban Chocolate, and Tahitian Coconut 
Cream Moisturizer

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