Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wash-a-no no

Soooooo, I washed my hair with the twists in it and I have to say I will not be doing that again. I just spent the past two and a half days retwisting my hair. Yes I said retwisting. Don't get me wrong, my head surely felt better to get some water on it and I loved the new conditioner I bought, but after my hair dried it got a little frizzy. Not bad frizzy to my husband but to me it was not acceptable. I just finished the back of my hair and retwisted using my shea butter and coconut oil mixture now I feel much better. I am working on a video and hope to post by this weekend since I haven't posted a youtube video in a while.

Oh By the way the conditioner I bought is the Neutrogena Triple Moisture conditioner, I loved it, not to mention it smelled great, it is for dry and color treated hair so I thought I would use it to see how worked. It has olive, meadowfoam seed, and sweet almond oil in it.The consistency was nice and creamy but not so thick that it just sat on my hair, I bet it would work great as a leave in too. It still needs to pass the wash and go test to see if it makes the cut. So far I am up to three conditioners that Rock. Alright ya'll bedtime for me. Happy Nappy!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cowashing and twisting

Hey all, alright so I made my two week mark with my twist and I feel like my hair really needs to be washed. It doesn't smell bad or anything but to me it looks like it needs to be washed so I am going to do a co-wash. Now, last months braids did not get a washing in between and by the time I washed it I could tell it hadn't been washed in a while so this time I decided to wash. I am going to use a new conditioner I picked up, I won't reveal it until the end of this experiment, then I am going to add some of my shea butter/oil mixture and use my perm rods to curl it while wet and let it air dry over night. I have been using the perm rods once a week to give me a little different style it's actually cute, of course my husband did not notice until I said something, just like a man. I will be posting pictures of the turn out tomorrow so stay tuned and wish me luck

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nothing New

Nothing new to brag about in my hair world, except my twists are finally back in after two weeks of letting it rest. I finally got tired and put in the twists, boy am I glad I a did. One week down and three more to go. I had good hair growth the past two months with twists put in place I won't measure again until another two months. One thing I want to try though is washing after the second week, my hair doesn't get itchy but I just want to clean it in between, I have never done this before so I am nervous. I figured I would just cowash, and just let the shower water run through my hair to rinse and then doing the same with a deep conditioner. Since my twist love to shrivel up when wet I will use clips to pin them down while they are drying, that will help them hold their length. Hope all goes well, I will post how that goes. Until then Happy Natural.
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