Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Long time coming and Zumba

 It's been a long time coming and my girls are finally back home two weeks early.  Don't even ask!!  They were supposed to be home on July 6, but they got back yesterday.  My mom drove all night for 9 hours with four little girls all under 8 in the car, she is a brave one.  They made it safely.
Next subject.
Their hair has been in a protective style for three weeks and all I could think about before going to sleep Sunday night was how I can't wait to get into their heads.  Surprisingly when I saw their hair it was still kind of decent, and I use that word lightly because I can't stand for my girls hair to look frizzy and messy, sorry that's just me.  So sometime this week I will be taking their styles down, which are just micro braids,ugghh, taking all volunteers cause this is going to be a job.
Oh yeah, and I have started taking Zumba classes, yes I have and I love it.  OMG, it is ridiculously fun!  I even dragged my best girlfriend, who loves to work out, to a class and she has fallen in love too.  Everyone is like why are you taking Zumba (I wear a size 6/8), I tell them for cardiovascular reasons and after two kids my stomach is not flat anymore,  I would definitely love that gone. 
I will definitely post pictures of the hair transformations or maybe even do a vidoe, we'll see.  Until then, holla!

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