Monday, August 2, 2010

Back to school...back to work

I am ready for work, I put my twists in Friday and I am ready to begin my morning routine which does not include fixing my hair.  I went ahead and put in my micro twists which are going to last me four weeks cause I am not an early morning person.  My plan is to keep these in for a month then take them out and do a henna (maybe bentonite clay, cause I have been researching that) and then retwist.  I am determined to follow this routine until December which my 7 year old will be part of too just without the clay treatment, I haven't twisted her hair yet, I may do it Saturday so it will be nice and fresh for school on Monday. 

I am also on the hunt for some kind of natural hair products for my 4 year old, lately I have been using Taliah Waajid hair care line for her but have not really seen a difference in her hair. She has a lot of hair but the strands are very fine. I need something that will keep the moisture in between washes and soft enough to comb because my poor baby is super tenderheaded and hates seeing the brush coming. Seriously, have you ever seen such big patches of two different hair types.

I have read many different reviews of Bee Mine and want to definitely give that a try as soon as I get paycheck, I have also read about Curl Harmony and of course everyone knows Blended Beauty( I tried them a long time ago but don't remember the results), I am definitely leaning towards Bee Mine, I wish they had free samples.  I don't use too much heat in their hair unless it is picture day, and don't want to keep straightening her hair, do you know how much work that is :( , I am up for any suggestions.

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