Friday, October 1, 2010

End of the week hair

It's the end of the week and my twist outs were great all week, still using Shea Moisture Conditioning Milk and coconut shea butter.  Needless to say it is about to be over...on Sunday.  No hair washing today giving myself a break, last Saturday I washed my hair and my daughters hair and gave them a protective style that will hopefully last another two weeks before all the rubberbands pop.  I wish my Baby Girl would sleep with a scarf but it irritates hair her nape something awful so her hair usually doesn't last as long. 
Also I won't be doing my Amla/black tea treatment that I am loving, it will just get a regular cowash on Sunday and twisted back up. I really can't stress how much I can tell the difference in my hair, no hair fall at all, hmmm, there is something going on here!!  Next weekend I will definitely be doing a henna and amla mix I promise.  Until then check out a few pictures of our hair.

 Both girls hair is in the same style

 Baby girl ready for her soccer game

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