Monday, September 27, 2010

amla again

These past few days have been good hair days, I did another Amla treatment on Saturday and my hair loves it.  The recipe is the same as I did here, and I let it sit for about the same amount of time.  Believe me when I say I am not having any hair shed at all or breakage when styling/retwisting my hair, I don't know if it is the Amla, black tea, or both but they are doing their job.  I wanted to do a Henna and Amla mixture but did not feel like going to the store to get it so I just did the other since I already had some.  I think this week I will do the two mixed.  One thing about the Amla though is it does not have the same slip as Henna but it rinses out better.
Sorry no pictures of my hair and the new necklace I made, for some reason my pictures are taking forever and a day to upload.  Later.

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