Saturday, November 20, 2010

Have a shea butter day!

I got busy with some shea butter and coconut oil this morning cause I am addicted to it plus I was out.

 Top left: coconut oil and jojoba oil mixture 
Top right: whipped shea butter mixed with oils 
Bottom middle: creamy shea butter mixed with oils

The coconut oil is especially for my Baby Girls hair, I apply it every night and braid it up, it leaves her hair so soft and manageable which is a definitely plus for me.  One thing I need to make is some more of my Twist and Shout Gelly, that stuff was the bomb.

Also, I work with alot of ladies so I decided I would make a variety of scented shea butter for them for Christmas gifts, I think they will like it.


Dwana, (SME) Subject Matter Expert of S.O.S said...

Great minds think a lot because I prepared my whipped butter last week. I used shea, coconut oil, and whipped it up nicely using a typical hand mixer (which should be on sale for $3 at Target during black Friday ;2D )
I might want to try a heavier oil...or in addition to...not sure.

naturallady said...

I agree about the great minds. I am ordering some Jamaica Black Castor oil this week, so I will be adding it to my shea butter gifts.

anna said...

This is shea butter – just shea butter. I wish someone had told me that the raw stuff smells horrible. Another reviewer mentioned that it smells a bit like plastic and I think that’s a reasonable approximation. There is good news however, the smell dissipates pretty quickly (about a minute or so) once you put it on.

naturallady said...

I agree shea butter stinks so bad, thank God for essential oils though...

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