Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another Room Makeover

I decided it was time to redo my girls bathroom from the purple fairies that my hubby put up as a surprise and I never really had the desire to take down, to something alittle more chic.  Not to mention their bathroom is the guest bathroom too so it is time for a change.  So here is the wreath that I made last night to get the project on the roll, I think it turned out so cute.  I will be making, or rather DIY'ing mostly everything in the bathroom so as I make I will post.  Lord only knows how long this will take.

I love the zebra stripes and the flowers, the blue looked so lonely together so I added a white flowers and the feathers just pulled it all together.

1 comment:

Diva Locks said...

very cute, I love it! I can't wait to see more :)

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