Monday, October 10, 2011


Hey ya'll I have been gone once again...explaination.
So I have been going through so much these past few months on every type of level and just wanted to say hello.
HELLO! (waving)
I am not going to get into all the 411 but just to tell you to please keep me in your prayers.
Hair has surely been the last thing on my mind especially after that last hair raising story about the beauty shop.  But the owner did call me back after my sis in law showed her the pictures of my hair, she offered me a discount on my next styling session and we even talked about me bringing in some of my hair products to help with the process (smiles).
Even with all that is going on I have still been making jewelry for Etsy, please stop by and look around when you get the chance,, I got some cute Basketball Wives earrings coming up shortly.
Needless to say until all is well with my soul I will not be doing much blogging except to post a pic or two. I haven't even checked into blogger to check out the friends I follow in forever, probably missed all sorts of giveaways.  Anyways, continue blogging and hope to see you guys soon, enjoy some pics below.

 These are my Black and Blue hoops.

You don't have to an AKA to wear these, I love
these glass beaded hoops.
Available on Etsy.

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