Sunday, September 6, 2009

Louisiana break

Naturallady is coming to you from Louisiana, enjoying time with family, cousins, aunts, uncles and parents. Family is nice, especially when everyone is getting along, I love it, we are having a good time. We spent some time eating and enjoying the outside weather, Louisiana has some sort of bugs called Lovebugs that keep flying around and they are getting on my nerves. I can't stand bugs; not an outdoorsy person.
One thing I was happy to see are my natural relatives: my aunt and cousin are totally natural, I am loving my aunts salt and pepper fro while my cousin has curls galore, of course they are loving my twists as well. I will try to gets pics of them to post just to show off if I can and if I remember. I am fighting the urge to wear a wash and go but my twists shall prevail. Hallejuah!

Oh, before I forget, for all you 4a-4b curly q's check this site out if you haven't already, I went through it the other day and though it was pretty cool.

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Lady Kinnks said...

its always nice to be enforced by other beautiful natural ladies :o)

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