Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cowashing and twisting

Hey all, alright so I made my two week mark with my twist and I feel like my hair really needs to be washed. It doesn't smell bad or anything but to me it looks like it needs to be washed so I am going to do a co-wash. Now, last months braids did not get a washing in between and by the time I washed it I could tell it hadn't been washed in a while so this time I decided to wash. I am going to use a new conditioner I picked up, I won't reveal it until the end of this experiment, then I am going to add some of my shea butter/oil mixture and use my perm rods to curl it while wet and let it air dry over night. I have been using the perm rods once a week to give me a little different style it's actually cute, of course my husband did not notice until I said something, just like a man. I will be posting pictures of the turn out tomorrow so stay tuned and wish me luck

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