Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Do

I have been rockin a micro twist style for the past two weeks and boy have my mornings been great.  Well I had to go to a funeral on Saturday and did not want to wear my regular old twists, plus I have job interview on Monday (whoo hoo) and I wanted a different style since I am not ready to take these out for another week. Thanks to a natural hair blogger ( Leave In The Kinks) I decided to pin in it and see what I could come up with after seeing her do a cute style.  The pictures below show my style off.  I love it, and I got plenty of compliments at the funeral.  My twists are still there all I did was grab a few and make bigger twists then twisted, pinned, and what ever else.  This style will last me until Saturday and then time for a washing  and getting ready for my trip to Las Vegas on the March 12 for my sisters wedding so I can have some big hair.

1 comment: said...

Very pretty style! I can't wait until my hair grows a little longer.

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