Tuesday, March 16, 2010

There Is No Place Like Home

Just getting back from Las Vegas yesterday, I am jet lagged, and still going off the adrenaline rush of such a busy city.  I had sooo much fun though.  As the man said: it is definitely the city that never sleeps!  My legs are tired from all the walking I did, good thing it is Spring Break here so no work for the rest of the week. One thing though, I did come back with a severe sore throat and a touch of laryngitis, I am sure it was from all the cigarette smoke in all those doggone casinos.  That's right my voice is gone for the second time in the past 2 and a half months, what's up with that?  So...I just had to post a picture of what a beautiful natural in Las Vegas looks like, that's right I rocked my hair in a twist out for the past four days and was loving it. One funny thing, it was so windy on Saturday that my hair was moving in the high winds, LOL!  And yes I got plenty a looks at my big hair, I am sure it was just sheer admiration.
 First: a picture of me on front of New York New York hotel.
Second: me in front of The Forum Shops of Caesars Palace (can you say Gucci)
Third: a picture of my sister and me at her beautiful vegas wedding with her beautiful Locs.

Also, I had a video I was working on before I left but did not get a chance to finishe it, so I will surely have it available to view by this evening.

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