Monday, March 29, 2010

I might be late...

So I might be late...but oh well!
I went to Target today as soon as I got off work all excited to see if it was real, and it was, Miss Jessie's was there.  And still the same price :(  Like that was going to change.   Anyways, I am still excited, at least I don't have to order it online, wait a week for it to get here, and pay shipping and taxes, now I just pay taxes.  I have to admit that I have fallen in love with the Stretch Silkening Creme and Curly Meringue for mine and my daughter's twist and braids, and I have been wanting to try the Rapid Recovery so I will be trying that out but not soon.  All their products were on the shelf in the two different sizes and everything was the same price as online, though I was expecting them to be cheaper, now I did ask if there would be a buy one get on free like they do online but I didn't get a straight answer...guess that was a no.

One thing though, the lady stocking said they were getting Jane Carter and Curls also (which is cheaper and on my wanna try list) so I will make sure I check back when that arrives.  She asked me what all the fuss was about cause there were alot of people there on Sunday, I explained that curly heads all over the world (that lived close to a participating Target) were just waiting for this grand appearance.  She wasn't natural so I don't think she cared, plus she had a short cut so there wasn't much she could do with Jessie's, I did recommend she try the shampoo ;)-

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