Thursday, March 3, 2011

Naturally Cute

So a whole week has gone by since I did Big Girls lace style and surprisingly it held up well with sleeping in a satin cap and flexirods every night.  So now it is time for a new style for her, for three days I have been looking and thinking of what to do next that would last for another week, I do not like combing hair much cause between the three of us we got enough kinky hair to add to two more heads.  My hair had to be washed plus Baby Girl needed a style.
Here is the next style:

I did  not wash because there was no need, neither did I add any more heat.
I thought this would be a nice style for her and continue with the "loose hair" (this will be the last week for that).  Normaly she wears her hair  in a protective style for three weeks but we had a bit of a shedding issue so we let that go for a while and she likes picking out new styles.
I am so excited about her growth, when she turned 4 her hair started breaking off and got really short and a little thin, I did not know what else to do but start giving her protective styles and so I did exactly that.  The results have been awesome.
 this was 2.5 years ago, hair was flat ironed
for family pictures. Before this it 
was alittle shorter.

I believe in protective styles, she is in them 90% of the time, that is more than me. I definitely contribute that to the growth and health of her hair, I watch the products I use in my daughters hair, if I wouldn't use it in mine then I don't use it in theirs. 
Here are a few protective style pics:

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