Monday, May 30, 2011

Hubby's Loc Journey

Saturday, May 30, 2011

My husband has been growing out his hair for the past several months and finally got his Locs me.  It was either get a hair cut or start the process. The first idea was to go to my sisters Loctician and get them started, $125, I just couldn't justify paying that much but she is good and does scalp treatments out of this world which is what he needs for his dandruff.  The second choice was me do his hair...and my hair...and my two daughters hair, too much hair doin.  In the end I did it and it took almost 7 hours to do due to the tedious parting and twisting and clipping of the hair, it looked pretty good.

This is half way done and looking
pretty good. Hubby has lots of grey :)

The good thing about me starting his hair is that if he changes his mind in a few months and cuts it off the money is not wasted, of course he says he is going to keep it.
To get the Locs started he washed his hair and used the shampoo brush to get his scalp good and clean from any dandruff or buildup, then conditioned, for the twist I used Taliah Waajhid Lock It Up Gel  for resistant hair, that means for grey hair cause it is stubborn.  After twisting I used the short metal clamps to hold down the roots and let dry, took them out and....

  finished hair...

 This lasted a whole week and just got redone on this morning when I re-twisted.  The one bad thing is he has type 3? in the back of his head and it does not want to hold so I had to re-twist that section during the week, I tried adding a little Eco gel with the Lock it up for that part to see how it holds.  We'll see.  Be back later for more updates and length check.  Length Check + Hubby = Weird!!!


Diva Locks said...

Looks good!

naturallady said...

Thanks, Diva, we'll see how long he keeps them.

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