Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wash and Go

I decided I wanted to do a wash and go for the last week of school and the rest of the summer while I am off. Saturday I washed my hair and tried a wash and go using Eco styler gel to see what kind of effect I  would get- well I washed, conditioned, and got to styling. I used Kinky Curly leave in conditioner under the gel, hey if it works for "The Custard", I applied it on super wet hair a section at a time and let it dry, the results were pretty good. The second day was alright cause I just spritzed with water but Monday morning I re-wet for work and looked in the mirror and my hair was white. OMG, I had to get in the shower and run conditioner through, afterwards I used the KC leave in and my Bed Head Control Freak as a leave in to hold my curls since it is quick drying, I had super shrinkage but great results.
Here are the Eco results, the first pic is after application the second is by the end if the night, a frizz dry mess.

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