Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sew Not About Hair 2

Yeah, this post is not about hair, well maybe a little, but not really.  Right now my hair is up in twists for a week now, I am only keeping them in for one more week cause I found that anything longer than two weeks without washing leaves my hair feeling not so good.
Look, I can make a ponytail!!!

So now on to what has kept me busy, I love crafting and making things so I decided to make some yarn wrapped wreaths and right on time for Teacher Appreciation.  

This first one was made for my Big Girls teacher, the T is for Tate, she loved it.  I think it turned out really cute.  She can hang it by her door or somewhere in her room.
I made the flowers out of leftover denim material and bought some magnets and attached a few to the wreath.

This second wreath I made for my own house to hang on the front door, adorable.  To finish it off I am going to buy a letter R (for my last name) and hang from the middle then hang it from my front door.  Too Cute!!  This was made with a circular foam wreath and I even make the flowers myself.

The flowers are pink, cocoa brown, and creanm felt.  I so enjoyed making these.  I will definitely be making more in the near future of course in different styles.

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