Thursday, July 7, 2011

African Hair Threading: Ghana Plaits

Ghana plaits- using a piece of weave thread to wrap around a section of hair making it look like it is twisted but it really isn't (this is my definition)
Lately I have fallen in love with this method, I think it is the cutest style especilly for the little ones.  I decided that I will attempt these on my girls hair once school starts back and there is no more swimming, right now I stick with protective styles that are easy to wash.
I came across a few videos showing how to do Ghana Plaits and thought I would share them.

Here are a few sites for more information:

African Hair Threading 
 by Cherishmydaughter

Side Swept Flat Twists and Ghana Plaits
by Girlsloveyourcurls

I will be trying this on both my hair and my girls when school starts back.  Stay tuned.

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