Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ghana plaits on Baby Girl

Long time no see...shame on me.
So much has been going on: hair, jewelry, home, etc...
Last weekend I did Ghana plaits on my Baby Girls hair cause I was just tired of dealing with her hair every morning, plus the day I washed I just knew I was not going to have time to blow dry then flat iron so she ended up with this style which turned out so cute.
 Flat twists in the front section with the loose ends
wrapped in weaving thread.

Three ghana plaits in the back.

This was so simple to do but definitely time consuming, but I would do it again.  To see how to do it and other videos go here or search Youtube.
Here are a few more pics of the process.

The back part of her hair went into 
three ponytails then wrapped
with weaving thread

Wrap all the way to the ends.

Last I put the three small pontytails into 
one big one and wrap with the thread.
last wrap into a knot and finished.
One week down, one more to go!

Can't wait to try another style, already got one in mind.

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