Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I think I got it!

Random pic.
Back view.

I decided to flat iron my hair just for fun. Won't do it again.
Here is what my hair looks like after a blow out. Super Poofy!

So I think I finally got it. I have been using whipped shea butter on my hair every night and sleeping in a satin scarf which I have been doing forever anyways. In the morning I spray Hawaiin Silky Moisturizer and Sheen on my hair and rub it through a just a little bit so it does not get frizzy. It has helped my hair alot, it is not dry like it used to be and by the middle of the day it is still soft and shining. I havent washed my hair since Monday morning, usually I would have to wash it every morning to make it look decent. I wondering if I should try the shea butter while my hair is still wet. Wouldnt hurt to try.

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Nappturalbeauty said...

It definitely won't hurt anything. I use shea butter on my wet hair everyday.

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