Sunday, January 18, 2009

I finally did it.

So, this is my first time blogging so excuse me if there are any errors. I decided I wanted to blog just because. Since this is my first time I think I will take you along as I go on my natural hair journey, hope you enjoy. I just did my big chop three weeks ago and no I am still not used to it. This is the day of the chop, I hadn't had a relaxer in five and a half months. Still a little self conscious, even though everyone I see says that it looks awesome. That is one of my daughters words. It is definitely a change from having hair down my neck and being able to make a ponytail. Man, I sure miss that. Anyways, can't turn back the past. So now I am experimenting with my hair trying to find a style that suits my face. Since it is so cold here in Memphis I am thinking about pressing it to protect it for a while until it starts warming up. I have super tight coils and don't like the way they are drying out, and since I don't want my hair to get dry and brittle I think that would be best. I must say I do like not having to get up in the morning curling hair and wrapping hair every night. Low maintenance. Anyways, enough rambling, hope you enfoy this journey with me.


verflow said...

Wow the look is great! You are an awesome black woman of color and we are so very proud of you. We told you on the day that you did it that it was beautiful and you looked like a goddess!

c. janae said...

I know what you mean about feeling self-conscience. When I went back to school after I BC'd, I felt like everyone was looking at me, but I was proud of myself for taking that leap into the natural hair worl regardless of what others thought. To respond to your comment, these past two weeks I've been using my own spray that has water, vegetable glycerin, and some hot six oil all in an 8oz spray bottle. It works better than the cantu shea butter. My hair is soft and fluffy feeling. I like it. Hope that helps! :)

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