Friday, January 30, 2009

Naturl beauties

So what is "good hair" or "pretty hair"? Last night in class I had someone make this comment to me: "Girl your cut off all that pretty hair." Yes I did, and I am glad. It saves me plenty of time in the morning not having to curl it or pin it. And don't let it be a rainy day, here comes the ponytail. I try not to comb in my daughters hair too much also, especially the youngest if you see her picture you see why, she is totally tenderheaded. "Good hair" is what they use for her. It is not good it is just very fine and curly. Bet you wouldnt want to comb it! Anyways, I got tired of sitting in the beaty shop everyother weekend, under the dryer. I must say my whole mindset has changed since cutting my hair. It's amazing that after you do something you start seeing alot of people with the same thing. I hope not to be one of those people that do this for a "hot minute" and then turn around and perm their hair again. I am just so excited about this whole new venture. I will post my transition styles soon.

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