Sunday, January 25, 2009

Before chop

A small hair cut befor the big chop.

Helping my daughter get ready for a wedding. I must say
I am rocking that hairstyle.

Me at a Christmas party sporting my famous roller set.

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Naturally Beautifully ME!!! said...

Congrat on your courageous to be your natural self. I'm responding to the comment you posted on my blog.

Thanks for the compliments. They don't call it a natural hair journey for nothing. I just recently found a great moisturizer and techniques to help my hair absorb and retain moisture. At the top of my list right now is shea butter as a moisturizer. Please refer to my Natural Hair 101 posting under "how to" for additional tips. There are also how to hairstyle postings on my blog. But what really turned it around for me is the No poo method. Where I use shampoo alternatives or sulfate-free cleansing creams to shampoo my hair. As a daily refreshing product I use braid sheen. Check it out its great. As far is style, gurl do your thang there's a wealth of how to youtube videos. Enjoy learning your hair as it grows. Be Blessed

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