Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The End

So, I have not washed my hair in two weeks, the picture I am posting is the last style before the BW ( Big Wash). I can't believe I went this long, my hair is still soft mainly because I have been moisturizing it every night, retwisting it, and sleeping in a satin cap. My morinings have been so much easier. I went from braids in the front and back and wore that for a week. Then Friday night I took the braids out and wore a twist out in the back for a few days, my husband liked that look better though he was not enthused about seeing the twists every night. So last night I took the front braids out and did a twist out all over this morning I decided to pull it back into a little fro and I love it. I don't know when I want to wash my hair now, maybe I will wear it one more day and wash it Friday. Oh the possibilities. . . .

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Nappturalbeauty said...

how often do you trim your ends? I went to get mine trimmed yesterday after 4 months and it seemed like she cut a lot off.

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