Sunday, March 15, 2009

Graduation Fast Approaching

Yes, it is true, I will finally be a college graduate and I am so excited. I have been in school fulltime for the past two years and working a fulltime job. Actually the years have flown by. May 27 will be a happy occassion for me and my family, I will have an Associates of Science Degree in Health Information Technology (HIT) and graduating with honors. Yes beauty and brains :) I have been on the Dean's List since I have been in school, so proud of myself as is my husband. He has been alot of help, at home with the girls in the evening three days out of the week, not to mention I have been doing externship for the past fourteen weeks five days a week. I rush home from work to leave back out the house to make it to the hospital (I call it the free job) by 5:30 and if you knew the traffic in Memphis, Tn then you know there is lots of it. Then I am home by 9:00pm. My husband takes great care of the girls, feeding them, bathing them and homework with Ilana who is in Kindergarten. Yes he has his complaints, what man wouldn't. But he lets me know how proud he is of me all the time. I truly have to say that I could not have done it without God also, cause Lord only knows how tired I am, especially on those nights when he gave me strength to go to class when I was tired after work and all I wanted to do was get in the bed and go to sleep. I am proud of myself also, for persevering and studying and making all those "A's", and making my self go to class when I wanted to go to sleep, and also staying up late at night trying to write an type up papers (cause I am a procrastinator). I am excited to be going into a new field after working with children for the past ten years. This will be my last year at the elementary school where I work, I will miss all my co workers, my kindergartners who I tutor, and all my vacations; summer break, Christmas break, Fall break, and all the three and four day weekends in between :( But this is my new beginning and I know God is going to open many doors for me, I believe it.

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