Monday, March 9, 2009

I got a new "do"

So this weekend I decided to do something different with my hair. Saturday I did my routine wash and then I blowdried my hair, yes, I wore my first afro out and about and wore it proud and cute. LOL! Surprisingly, my husband even liked it, that is a good thing. He was all like that's what you wanted to do wasn't it? I was like yeah, he is so supportive. Anywho, I blowdried it with a paddle brush first on the cool and low setting then I went back and used the comb attachment on the same setting. Afterwards I applied my homemade whipped shea butter and rubbed it all through and took the hair dryer and just held it to my hair just so it would melt the butter, my hair was so soft. It was amazing to see the difference between my first cut and now, it has grown alot. I pulled my hair back and tied my leopard print scarf around my hair and enjoyed the day with my family, you could not tell me I wasn't cute :) For church on Sunday I did a twist out on the back and pulled my hair back in a head band. I don't have a pic of that one. Sunday evening I got my hair braided all the way around into a pony tail with the same blowout and I am wearing a twistout at the top, tomorrow I will post a pic of that hairstyle. But for now here are the pics of my "bodacious blowout" hope you like. Until next time......

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