Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hair update

Hey all I am still here, just kinda busy. I just got finished with my hair, another protective hairstyle, this time I did my finger coils (curly doodles) again. I have been at a stand still with my hair even thought about relaxing it. Yes that dreaded thought came to mind......uh, yeah, I would never do it though. It is just so thick but yet my hair strands are very fine, and it is still very overwhelming. I figure if I can leave it in a protective style for at least two weeks then redo it I will be alright, that is if I can make it two weeks. I thought about getting braids but I don't want to deal with all the breakage that comes with that. (Sigh) I think it is just my length that I am at now and because of the heat my hair is drying out, it is making me frustrated. Right now if my hair is stretched out it is almost five inches, major growth compared to my big chop, it just feels like it is growing really slow, I have been taking my Biotin pills but thinking of changing to something else. I surely don't want prenatal vitamins, I don't want to take anything related to pregnancy. LOL! But if push comes to shove... One problem I have been working on are my sides thinning out, well my right side, like I said before I am a right side sleeper so that side, not edges, is getting thin. Never this thin when relaxed. I have been training myself to sleep on the left and I am doing pretty good. If anyone knows of a good treatment to use please let me know. Anywho... Let me get my Saturday started. Until later chics.

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