Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Two strand twist out

So I put colored Henna in my hair this past Sunday, the color: Chestnut (Medium Brown). I love it. At first I thought it didn't take, I left it on for two hours when I rinsed out it still looked dark, but the next morning I wet my hair and applied my hair products and Wow, I could see the difference. It's very subtle just like I wanted it to be. I definitely like it better than the almost black looking that it was before, next time I will let it set a little while longer.
Last night I also came across a site called, great site, her rules and techniques had my hair doing things I didn't think it could do. I tried her "Curly Primer" on some of my hair and loved it. What it is is conditioner only, yes left in your hair and styling either twirling ( the method I tried) or combing through your hair with your fingers. For super coily hair like mine the twirling is best. You apply a generous amount of conditioner to your hair and style, she had a list of conditioners that she recommended and whatdoya know she listed my Organix Shea Butter conditioner so of course I whipped mine out and went for it, I did the back part of my head just to see what it would do, taking small parts of hair, I just twirled the hair around my fingers all the way to the ends. I was loving the effects. So sad I had to wash it out cause I did not have time to let it dry before bed, so instead I applied shea butter to my damp hair and did two strand twists and a twist out this morning and I might I add it was quite cute. Man you can really tell my hair has grown when it is twisted. Don't worry though I am going to do the twirlies tomorrow and I will post pics of the outcome , until then here are pics of MY Funky Fro.

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