Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm Irked (or how ever you spell it)

I'm irked. How come these hair supply stores do not sell all these curly, kinky hair products that are supposed to be so great in their stores. A new BSS opened up here called Trendsetters Beauty Supply, so I stopped by to see what they had hoping there was something I could buy. Not. Why was I so surprised, just a catchy name for a store I guess. They had the same old stuff like everybody else, I could have screamed. I know us naturals are the minority but goodness.

I did talk to the owner though she was really nice and gave me some free samples ( I like anything free). She showed me some stuff that I already have and don't really like, I politely told her no thanks. She also told me that another natural came in looking for some hair products that she did not carry, that should be a sign. The lady was very nice and said that maybe she needed to look into some curly hair products, thumbs up!

In the mean time I will try the free shampoo and conditioner that she gave me. I don't mind buying a product but just don't want to order it online, hopefully if I keep looking I will find someplace. I don't mind buying it if I know you will keep it on stock. Or just special order for me.

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