Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Good reading

I just finished reading Push by Sapphire aka "Precious", you know the movie coming out about the pregnant girl with HIV that Oprah and Tyler Perry are promoting. I love reading...usually I read a book in a few days but it took me almost two weeks to finish this book. If a movie is coming out that sparks my interest that was a book, I like to read it first and then see it because they are always different but I have to say I have never read a book so raw and open, I opened and closed this book at least three times amazed at what I was reading before I actually got into the book. In the end the book turned out to be alright once I got passed the language and what-nots, if this had been a true story though I would have been weeping while reading. It was real as real could get, knowing that people especially girls actually go through what Precious went through. Regardless I think this book was a good read, if you like reading and can get past some of the language and circumstances then you may like this book.

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