Monday, November 2, 2009

Hawaiian Silky

So Saturday was shampoo day and deep condition day and that is exactly what I did. But I bought two new products: Hawaiian Silky Gel Activator and Hawaiian Silky Dry Hair Conditioner. I must say that I loved the results of both, I use to use the conditioner when I was relaxed and decided to give it another try and I am glad I did, it worked great on my hair. Also the activator was plus, my hair usually gets crunchy when I use some products, that's 4a/b hair for ya, but this time it didn't, my hair is soft and I got great curl definition that you really can't tell from the video posted. For the next couple of weeks I decided to give my hair a rest from the twists and "let it do what it do", this activator is going to my number one product.


charlene said...

I'm interested in trying this product but owrried about the ingredients. Is this a natural product? Does it have chemicals in it? Thank you in advance for answering my questions : ).

charlene said...

sorry spell check *worried*

naturallady said...

Hi Charlene, neither one of these products have any chemicals in them and no they are not natural. I use to use the Dry Hair Conditioner when I had relaxed hair and loved how it left my hair feeling. This video was done almost a year to my big chop and I don't think I have used it since then, but did consider revisiting it last weekend, lol. My hair is twisted now so maybe I will try it after the twists come down. As for the gel, I do remember having great results with it, my hair is alot longer now so I don't use it at all any more. You'll probably have to google to find the ingredients.

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