Sunday, November 29, 2009

Being Natural Rocks

So yesterday I started to detangle my hair and noticed that it was alittle difficult to do, mainly because I have been too lazy and I have not performed this task in about two weeks. Bad Natural! Well when the regular brushes I use were not working I just stopped altogether and finally decided that I might need a Denman brush. I kept putting off buying one because I refused to pay $10 for it, but I went on to Sally's anyways. The sales lady and I got to talking about hair after I asked they had a cheaper one and she said no :( after talking bout brushes I learned that she use to be a fellow curly and she wants to go back, on top of that she gave me a $2.00 discount on the brush. She rocks! I came home happy to perform the task at hand. I love the Denman, I wish I had bought it earlier... but then I would not have gotten the discount. LOL! I detangled and put in two strand twists for a twist out for church today. Below are a few pictures of my twist out, achieved using a spray bottle filled with water, conditioner (?), and oil. I don't know which conditioner was in it but my twists and twist-out turned out soft and great. And there are a few picutres of my girls, aren't they cute.

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