Friday, December 11, 2009

I Got Big Hair

I love my hair today, it was big. I have been wearing a twist out for the past two weeks with a cowash in between, re-twisting every night except for last night when I said forget it and put on a satin cap and went to bed. The results this morning were great, I was expecting more flatness but was pleasantly surprised that I had only a little, I put some oil/shea butter on my hair and fluffed and was out the door. I loved my big hair today and got several good comments on it.

One funny thing: I knitted a scarf on my loom, thinking my hair was going too big, I made a big hat to fit over my expanding hair, when I put it on I was cracking up laughing. I guess I will take it a loose a make a smaller one. Anyways enjoy the pics below.

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