Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I got a Revelation on this week. AAAAh (the sound of the angels singing). Anyways, I washed both my daughters hair on this weekend with Aussie Moist shampoo and conditioner, then deep conditioned with my Hawaiian Silky Dry Hair conditioner and I must say their hair loves the Aussie ya'll. I washed, put in globs of Aussie conditioner and detangled, their hair has never been softer, I was in such aww. Their hair has never detangled during a wash, the Denman rolled right through. I have to say I was so used to using "Black People" shampoo and conditioners and not getting the results I wanted and I never thought to try anything else. This all came about after I did a product overhaul of the things under my sink (that post to come soon) and the only cleanser left was the Aussie and Aubrey Organics, I decided to give the purple bottles a whirl. Afterwards I did a few two strand twists on my seven year olds hair and rolled with rollers, she wore the cutest twist-out ponytails to school, my four year old unfortunately got her hair blow-dried and flat ironed this was best for me cause it will last for three weeks straight. To make a long story short Aussie will be number one choice for shampoo days with the girls. I looove it, sorry no pics to post though.

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