Thursday, December 24, 2009

Yesterdays Hair

So this is yesterdays and the day before hair, and I think also two weeks ago in the purple shirt. Isn't it cute? Check out my little coils on the sides, gotta have those.

These are just a collage of the twist outs I have been wearing for the past few weeks and I am loving them. This style gives me so much more different types of ways to wear my hair: pinned up on one side, or both to sport a fro hawk, or pulled back and sporting a headband (my fav).
I keep this style going for a week by retwisting with a special hair mixture I made that keeps me hair super moisturized. I noticed that after I washed the other day and detangled I had little to no hair shedding, unbelievable! The pics in the green turtleneck are of washed hair so it is a little shorter but as the week goes by it gets bigger. This style is great for the cold winter days because I am not wetting my hair in the mornings, the bad thing is I can't put a hat on it. I'll figure out something.
And stay tuned for my Happy Birthday Hair video, the countdown is going on. December 27!!!!!

1 comment:

Nicole said...

You have very thick hair. It looks healthy. The styling is nice and I am sure that you have be careful about wet hair and going out in the cold!

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