Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just A Quick Pic.

Here is a picture I took on Saturday, this is freshly washed hair about 100% dry. This style is done using the same technique in the TWA refreshing video. I love they way it is growing and getting thicker by the day. I only have one issue, my hair is growing quick but the sides are growing slower than the top and the back and I don't know what to do about that, any suggestions? I'm open.


Anna Renee said...

I have that same exact issue! I don't know what to do except accept it. Be extra careful to moisturize your ends on the sides and protect your hair while you sleep with a non cotton non absorbent scarf. Coconut oil/shea butter worked very well for me. I live in California and the desert air tends to dry my hair out. By the way your hair is very beautiful! Your afro suits your face very well and brings out your natural beauty!

Margaret said...

I love your hair! So beautiful:)

My hair is growing the same way but I actually love it. its so fun!

Nicole said...

Your hair is very pretty. Thanks for the pictures.

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