Sunday, September 19, 2010

Amla Hair Treatment, Shea Moisture Retention Shampoo

I did an Amla treatment on my hair this past Saturday and the results actually turned out great.  I stopped by my local India Mart for Henna and gosh doggit they were out soooo I just said give me the Amla.
As you know I wore my hair straight and tucked into a bun for two weeks my hair was so moisturized that when I washed and DC it was super duper soft and I know it was from all the coconut/shea butter/castor oil mixture that I was using.
First things first, I shampooed with Shea Moistures Moisture Retention Shampoo and that stuff was amazing, it  didn't feel like it stripped my hair like some shampoos do.  I feel like it really "retained" moisture.  I then conditioned with Aussie Moist conditioner cause it is still the bomb and I even let it sit in my hair while I got soapy.  After that it was time to apply the Amla.  Here is the brand I used.
What I did
-whole box of Amla (100g)
-1 cup of warm black tea (2-3 bags)
-about half cup Aussie Moist conditioner
-about three tbs coconut oil
Mix, mix, mix and apply to hair just like Henna and let sit under a shower cap and towel.
I let it set for one and a half hours and rinsed out, I have to admit I liked it better than the Henna.  One good thing about the Amla is that it does not stain like Henna which is good because I was not trying to get any color just the conditioning benefits. My hair was like soft cotton, unlike Henna which leaves the hair dry afterwards and you have to do another DC, I did not have to do anything else after rinsing the Amla my hair was ready to be styled.  I can't wait to do this one again.  Amla also helps to tone down the red in Henna so next time I will be mixing these two together.

Benefits of Amla:
-promotes hair growth
-controls hair fall
-cures scalp infection
-controls premature graying of hair


Lady Q said...

I don't think I have ever heard of the Amla treatment. I have been away far too long.

naturallady said...

I love the Amla, I'm not exaggerating it left my hair so soft afterwards that I got hooked and did it the next weekend. It is not staining like Henna which is good so you don't have to cover everything but it is not as smooth as Henna and it does get a little hard. You also don't have to leave it in as long, I do about 2 hours only.

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