Monday, September 13, 2010

One week in

I am still hanging in there, today marks the beginning of week two and I am thinking this may be the end.  The front part of my hair is getting a little frizzy, not much but if I was on the 'creamy crack' I would be relapsing, LOL!  The rest of my hair i.e, the inside and the ends, are doing pretty good. Last night I oiled my scalp with my coconut oil, castor oil, shea butter mixture, it's more oily than buttery, then rubbed some through my hair and back into the bun it goes and under a sating cap for the night and in the mornings I brush the top and head out to work. Lovely.
My girls are still rocking their straight hair too. I roll my Big Girl's hair at night and put it in pony in the morning and my Baby Girl's hair is in four long plaits.  I do about the same hair routine to their hair and it is hanging in their good, fortunately their hair will last longer than mine will and that is a good thing.  people could not believe how long their hair had gotten and was asking what do I do to their hair.  I just tell them I leave it alone, which I do because their hair is braided or twisted up 95% percent of the time.

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