Sunday, December 26, 2010

Two years all natural

Already, alrighty it has been exactly two years since I cut my relaxer out of my hair.  Yeah baby, and I am not looking back.   The journey has not been exactly great but I am not complaining.  I can say where I am at that point where I can say I am what.  I am not looking for a Holy Grail product, I just buy what I already know works and stick with it, if my hair does not like it, I try it on children's hair, if their hair does not like it I give it away and make sure not to buy it again "just to see".  In all I wouldn't change where I am for nothing.  Of course, I have pics.

From here...two years ago...

to this a year ago...

to this a few months ago...

to this, on Friday.  My hair was 
flat ironed by moi...I turned out great.

It has definitely gotten thicker.

Since I am on Christmas Break from work I decided to do something different with my hair, I am finishing up a vid on how I achieved this look.  I roller set every night and comb out in the morning.  This will last two weeks, counting from Friday, the week we go back to school I will be bunning it of course just a lot less maintenance for me in the mornings.  Stay tuned for the video.

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