Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Honey Child

1Alrighty, I have been using My Honey Child since Friday, I have used them in two different ways.  But first here is what I bought
 Honey Hair Creme (left) $5
Sophia's Coconut Hair Jel (right) $5.50
I purchased the sample sizes in two ounces and you can also get them in 4 oz and larger.  The 2oz is more than enough though for right now.  I have had some 2 oz samples and and used them up in two days.  
Anywho...the HHC has a wonderful smell to it, at church Sunday I kept getting a whiff of it from my hair, feeling good that my hair was smelling good.  I wonder if anyone smelled it too :)  The consistency is a thick  butter but very soft and emulsifies well, my hair sucked it in.  I made sure to apply it to my ends well.
The hair jel had a light coconut smell to it, but Idon't love it as much as the HHC. Sorry that is about all I can say about the jel, my hair is more frizzy than anything so I need something a little more thicker and heavier for hold.

I used both these products in two different ways, the first was in a bantu knot out that was so soft and heavenly.  The only thing was the jel did not have a lot of hold but I still got some clumping, so I ended up using my eco styler gel with the hair creme.  I don't tnink the coconut jel is good for a holding but lays the edges down pretty good, it is very light weight.
My second style was my twists I do for the week.  We have had rain and tornadoes the past few days I needed to twist right away, this is the true test-how will my hair hold up? I used the gel and creme and my results are great for these, the jel is better with the hold and I got some good sheen which my hair seldom gets from the creme.  The jel certainly won't be used for a twist out though.
I can't wait to try some more products because there are definitely boocoos to try, I have some deep conditioners, moisturizers, and other cremes I can't wait to order.

Would I order again:  yes I would, but only the creme.

2So now I am waiting for my Bee Mine order for my baby girl, the Balancing Conditioner and a sample of Deja's Hair Milk.  I loved the conditioner on her hair before but this will be the first time us the hair milk- hope I like it. 
3 My sister has had locs for the past two years and now she is ready to get rid of them :(  She called me last weekend asking about how to take locs out and I told her about the techniques that I have seen.  She decided Friday will be the day that she starts to unlock her hair of course with my help, no cutting for her.  Right now her locs com a tad bit past her shoulders so I can only imagine how longer her hair will be, but I did tell her there will be a lot of shedding from the hair already trapped in the loc.  What she will do with it afterwards I don't have a clue.  Knowing my sis she will changer her mind and keep them in, she is soooo not a hair person at all, I wouldn't be surprised if she cut it off short.  What ever she does I will report back.

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