Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Morning Routinee

I did two things this morning, I washed my daughters hair and mine. I decided to try the yogurt and coconut conditioner on my three year olds hair, I worked the conditioner into her hair and let it set under a plastic shower cap for about 50 min, then I rinsed, shampooed, and applied the Cantu Shea Butter Leave IN Conditioner. I did see a difference in her hair, her curls were so much more softer than what they usually are than when I wash normally. After I finished I was able to pull a wide tooth comb through it which I normally can't do. There are some skeptics but it did help soften Hannah's (that's her name) hair and that helped me alot. The second thing I did was clarify my hair with 1 tblsp baking soda and 3 tbls pconditioner and rinse with 1 tblsp apple cider vinegar mixed in 1 cup of warm water. OMG! I love the way my hair felt afterwards, it was soooo soft, since I have been natural my hair has never felt so soft after a wash, I am deep conditioning right now so I can't wait to see the end result after I apply my products, today I also decided to use the leave in conditioner to my hair as well and see how I like it along with my IC Styling gel. Happy Happy JOY JOY! Now I just need to find out how often I need to use the baking soda and ACV so I don't to overboard. By the way, yesterday marked my two month anniversary of my BC. Until next time.......

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